Man vs Machine Forecasting Duel


Sales forecasting is a common yet critical task performed by all sales organizations.  Though the process of forecasting tends to be complex it is straightforward to determine its accuracy.  One simply has to wait until the end of a forecasting period (e.g. end of quarter) and then compare forecasts with actuals.

We are inviting sales leaders to our Man vs Machine Forecasting Duel – give us a day with your data and we’ll provide a data driven, unbiased forecast.  At the end of the quarter you can evaluate our number by comparing with your internal forecast.

We have deployed this solution at several companies and our model invariably outperforms existing forecasting techniques. Our models are configured for customer’s specific needs and use both internal system (Salesforce CRM, finance, marketing) and external data (industry trends, events) to do the forecast.  In addition our approach provides the forecast well in advance so that you can use it to make strategic decisions – after all there’s little value in providing an accurate forecast in the last week of a quarter.

Are you ready for the duel?