Start of a new era – Einstein, AI for everyone!

We are incredibly excited about the vision Salesforce has laid out with Einstein – the platform that promises to bring a comprehensive AI platform for everyone.  In our opinion this is a game changing moment for the following three reasons.

  1. Companies are increasingly demanding a 360 degree view of their customer activity.  This includes sales, marketing and service functions.  Providing an intelligent AI platform across these areas provides immense value in service end user needs.
  2. The way information is consumed is changing rapidly.  The widespread use of mobile devices is well understood but new paradigms such as “conversational UI” via chat bots will become mainstream in the near future.  A platform like Einstein will allow Salesforce and its partners like us to create innovative solutions that improves productivity of users, for example sales bots or intelligent assistants.
  3. Consumer apps have been using AI and predictive analytics for a while now but it hasn’t been a part of most core business apps. Think about the number of apps for search, maps, shopping, reviews, etc.  Most of these apps work well because the predictive insights are provided within the context of the app – e.g. Amazon shows product recommendations while users are shopping. Einstein will bring a similar experience to Salesforce users where predictive insights are shown while users interact with their sales, service or marketing apps.

At SpringML we’re eagerly looking forward to working with Einstein.  We believe we can leverage its power and combine its features with our own Lighthouse for salesapp to provide unprecedented value to sales users.