Sales Performance and Reporting Revamped with Tableau CRM

Company Overview

United Parcel Services (UPS) is a global leader in logistics, offering broad range of solutions including the transportation of packages and freight, the facilitation of international trade, and the deployment of advanced technology to manage the world of business more efficiently, Headquartered in Atlanta, UPS services more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Business Situation

UPS Sales, Management and Sales Operations had amassed data and analytic reporting in uncoordinated silos across many systems which had created inefficiencies, duplication, and opportunities for inaccurate reporting. Due to an exceptionally complicated account and sales resource alignment updated daily, their existing reporting in both and Tableau CRM was not functioning accurately for the top levels of the Sales organization, nor was it scaleable for International reporting. They were also facing failures and inefficiencies because of the manual process to move revenue data from the source to Tableau CRM. UPS needed their issues remedied by a trusted leader.

UPS had a previous vendor develop an analytic solution in Tableau CRM in early 2020, but they were not getting the desired adoption from that initial release and therefore turned to SpringML to revamp the Tableau CRM solution to increase the adoption of the Analytics, and faster time to derive insights and take action to target hotspots and eventually drive up sales.


The SpringML team came in to assess and revamp the scalable Tableau CRM solution, refocusing UPS on use of best practices for delivery, design, and UX. They looked to embed the Analytic Dashboards reporting on Sales Performance, Resource Performance, and Pipeline Performance. They built an end to end process for data integrations using Azure for automated scheduled loading of large volumes of data. The SpringML team also looked to redesign security predicate and incorporated the ability to handle 9-level People to Account Alignment. This design also included special access for users not in the alignment. Additionally, the team deployed a mobile analytic solution as well, further increasing the value and adoption of Tableau to a field of over 3000 Sales Resources.


After completion, the solution was deployed to over 3,000 Sales Resources, OPs and Executives to-date, expanding to 9,000 in 2021. The SpringML team of Engineers and Developers reimagined sales performance analytics reporting for UPS, significantly driving up satisfaction with Salesforce Analytics, resulting in higher levels of adoption while breaking through cultural resistance to change. They focused on one-step analytics with timely, accurate people and account alignment across the UPS Global Sales team. The scalable solution they delivered enabled onboarding by region/country of more than 3,000 users to occur in less than 4 months with no additional development efforts needed. UPS was pleased with the expertise SpringML brought to the table. They appreciated the support and diligence of our team as they worked together to deliver a product that everyone was happy with. With a successful deployment, UPS is looking forward to a continued partnership with SpringML.

“Einstein has changed the way I do my job … I find it to be the perfect utility for my account and resource reviews.

… you can expand (green diagonal arrows) to get a broader view of the metric or ‘show more’ to get another view of the metric that you can manipulate/query for more in depth knowledge/awareness.

I find it really helpful to share screens with someone on the team and just walk through accounts or their area. Even customers with multiple account #’s can easily be queried and have their aggregated info represented.”

Area Sales Manager