Intelligent Document Processing

OverviewFor many companies, operations rely heavily on the processing and handling of all kinds of documents. From invoices and purchase orders to resumes and legal documents, a business can sink or swim based on how it handles its data and records. Whether these are physical documents or digitized, an organized and reliable system is required to …

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Intelligent Document Processing

Analytics Workload Migration

OverviewAutomating data pipelines is at the heart of any analytics or machine learning project. SpringML experts will provide best practices and implementation support to build the end to end data pipeline in Google Cloud. We specialize in the following workload migrations: Enterprise Data Warehouse to Google Cloud. e.g Teradata to Google BigQuery On-premise Containerized applications to …

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AI Powered Order Taking Agent

OverviewIn today’s world, technology has touched so many aspects of our lives and businesses in an effort to save us time, energy, and generally make work and life easier. One experience that has remained virtually untouched by technological advancement is the fast food drive-thru and quick, convenient dining. With time and convenience at the forefront of …

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Next Gen Customer Service