Deploying Chatbots to Production

The impact of chatbots across industries is rapidly expanding. Companies are utilizing these conversational AI tools to automate e-commerce, provide customer support, and even streamline internal business processes. Companies want more efficient ways to connect with their users and provide superior customer service, and users want an easier yet effective way to get products, services or information they are interested in from companies. Chatbots serve both these needs. This is why it is so imperative that chatbots are effectively designed and rigorously tested in order to increase business efficiency and meet customer satisfaction.

SAP Hana Integration to Google BigQuery

This SpringML Whitepaper demonstrates the ability to transfer the data from SAP HANA to Google BigQuery. The Whitepaper includes information on SAP HANA integration design and solution architecture, implementation, types of loading, and worker mechanism and Cloud Dataflow.

Sales Cloud Einstein Accelerator

Are you just getting started with Sales Cloud Einstein? Need help to roll out Sales Cloud Einstein across your enterprise sales team to drive best practices and adoption? SpringML can help you with our Sales Cloud
Einstein Accelerator. This Accelerator will enable you to deploy Sales Analytics, review best practice for Salesforce Inbox, and coach your team on how to leverage the other AI features in workflows and operations!

Sales Cloud

Propensity to Buy Solution Accelerator

SpringML’s Propensity to Buy Accelerator analyzes a customer’s history of purchasing actions and past and current behaviors to predict the likelihood they will buy or become a repeat customer.

Propensity to Buy

Predictive Churn Solution Accelerator

Download SpringML’s Predictive Churn Accelerator to find out how you can get a 360-degree view of your customer to determine the likelihood they will leave, cancel, or choose not to renew.

Predictive Churn Solution Accelerator

SAP HANA Integration to Google Cloud

Integration best practices to connect SAP HANA to BigQuery. We have built solution frameworks for both full data refresh and incremental data loads to keep the data in sync between the applications.

SAP HANA Migration to Google BigQuery

Employee Highlight: Robin Bass

At SpringML we are a team of passionate quants and poets who geek out over data and get excited to solve tough problems. Our team is amazing! Meet Robin Bass, Engagement Manager.

Robin Bass

Salesforce Einstein for Medical Device Companies

In this webinar, we share how our customer Nevro Corp is leveraging Einstein to drive their business forward.   Nevro’s Komal Rajdev, Manager, Sales Operations shared how they are tackling the following: How sales organization tackle white space with a Propensity to Buy model; Increase forecast accuracy, by applying advanced analytics; Change management and adoption to enable non-technical teams to embrace predictive intelligence; and Org structures for effective analytics operations team to fully embrace the benefits of Salesforce.

Medical Device Webinar

Employee Highlight: Baolin Liu

At SpringML we are a team of passionate quants and poets who geek out over data and get excited to solve tough problems. Our team is amazing! Meet Baolin, Liu, Data Scientist.

Baolin Liu