Building Retail Solutions Using Google Cloud

This webinar addresses how major retailers are using Google Cloud covering: how to build a large scale Customer Data Depot; Machine Learning based approach to predict stock outs and cold start forecasting; and use of image and video analysis for inventory management and next-generation customer service.

Building a Data Lake on BigQuery

Google’s BigQuery is an enterprise-grade cloud-native, serverless, fully managed, Petabyte scale, Data Warehouse as a Service. BigQuery is built on top of Dremel technology which has been in production internally in Google since 2006. Original Dremel papers were published in 2010 and Google Opened this technology as BigQuery to the public in 2011. This whitepaper provides guidelines and best practices for customers looking to leverage BigQuery to build a
Data Lake.

SpringML extends association with IIIT, Sri City: Co-sponsors Women’s Day Celebration

Pleasanton, Calif. — March 8, 2019 SpringML is delighted to announce that it co-sponsored Women’s Day celebrations and “Tensorflow DevSummit’19” watch party for IIIT, Sri City, a prestigious Institute of national importance, setting best-in-class technology education standards in India. Charles Landry, CEO for SpringML explains, “We are very proud to be associated and co-sponsoring the Women’s …

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Insight to Action in 30 Days Using Einstein

Whether you are an experienced Salesforce Einstein Analytics user or just exploring for the first time, this webinar demonstrates how to create an Einstein-first experience and enhance the entire Salesforce platform. New features and functionalities and best practices are shared to show how you can unlock the power of Einstein in 30 days.

Insight to Action

Take AI Into Production at Scale

In this webinar, we cover challenges organizations face to process large image archives and how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can help automate such processes.

Take AI Into Production at Scale

Infinite Uptime uses Google Cloud to manage IOT data

Infinite Uptime is a global Industrial IoT Solution Provider for Improved Quality, Productivity, Monitoring And Predictive Maintenance In The Engineering And Processing Industries. Vertically integrated, Infinite Uptime provides its own in-house smart sensor nodes along with connectivity, communication, software, analytics, dashboarding and reporting to provide a complete solution to its customers. Their devices are capable of …

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Healthcare IT Security Co Unlocks Insights, Drives Sales with Analytics

We have been successfully using Einstein Analytics for over a year but were looking to take our capabilities to the next level. We chose to work with SpringML based on their reputation as a partner and for the advanced capabilities provided by their Advanced Analytics for Sales App. The result has been great for our Sales Operations and will yield a great return on our investment.

Machine Learning at a Glance: Highlights from Google Cloud Research

Computer scientists have been seriously exploring artificial intelligence — the idea that machines can mimic the cognitive functions of the human brain — for more than 60 years. No longer the stuff of science fiction, AI now has practical applications across industries and functions, and businesses are adopting it for everything from marketing personalization and image classification to supplychain optimization and fraud detection. One technique in particular forms the backbone of many organizations’ AI strategies: machine learning (ML), which uses large volumes of data to train sophisticated algorithms to self-improve.

Machine learning at a glance