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Provider Analytics using Einstein Analytics and Discovery

Healthcare providers are facing increasing pressures from a variety of angles. The ongoing digital revolution is catching up to challenge legacy technologies and processes in the industry. Patients are catching up to these trends, entrepreneurs are innovating, and available data is exploding. As patients begin to act more like traditional consumers, healthcare providers must adapt to these expectations to deliver a personalized patient experience that matches other industry standards all while optimizing clinical outcomes and managing costs.

Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Tableau Acquisition: Powerful Together

We are hearing more and more customers ask us about Tableau and Einstein in light of the pending acquisition. This is understandable and very much expected. Tableau has cemented itself as the global leader in business intelligence (BI), and Salesforce has spent the last six years growing Einstein Analytics following its acquisition of EdgeSpring in 2013. Soon, Tableau will be integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem, and, on the surface, there will be two data visualization offerings by Salesforce.

Salesforce's Tableau acquisition

SpringML’s Take on Salesforce’s Acquisition of Tableau

Recently we learned that Salesforce has agreed to acquire Tableau Software to expand its position in the analytics market. At SpringML, we believe this is a very exciting acquisition pairing the #1 CRM with the #1 analytics platform. This further enhances Salesforce’s ability to be the platform of choice for digital transformation. We believe this is …

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Salesforce Tableau Acquisition

From Visualization to AI: Mapping the Analytics Journey

We find companies and all different points in their analytics journey. In fact, it’s not even about the company’s journey – every business process can be plotted to its own spot on the map.  In this webinar, we will walk through that evolution providing examples of how to leverage Salesforce Einstein to meet you where you are at in your analytics journey.

analytics journey