Enable smart workflows using intelligent document processing

Works for various document formats without requiring any configuration changes

Let our AI driven solution accurately identify documents, extract fields and derive actionable insights.

Leverage AI to take immediate action on time sensitive documents, improve employee morale by having them work on value added and strategic tasks, get access and visibility into documents as they arrive.



AI driven solution that works across document formats without requiring any configuration changes


Intelligent document processor that integrates results into your existing workflows & minimize change management


Our models have an accuracy higher than 95% so you can rely on our AI driven solution


Process hundreds of thousands of documents per day in real time easily using our Intelligent Document Processor

Built on a strong foundation of AI, applicable on a wide variety of documents

  • Identify Type

Use state of the art deep neural network models to accurately identify documents.

  • Extract Fields

Typically field extraction is done by extracting text from specific coordinates. But that approach is rigid and fails as soon as the document layout changes. Our innovative approach applies Machine Learning models to dynamically extract relevant field values.

  • Deliver

Results from processing documents can be integrated into your workflows defined either within your document management systems or CRMs. The results can also be integrated into your analytics systems to derive real time actionable insights.