Embedding wave dashboards

Wave dashboards are not only accessible through standard interface and iOS app but also can be embedded into Page layouts and Visualforce pages. This is a great way to increase user adoption and also helps to make rich user interaction by taking advantage of force.com platform.

Adding to page layout

Wave Analytics assets section lists all the wave dashboards.


Drag and drop the required dashboard to the desired location.



Apply filters to the dashboard. The properties section allows to preset filters.





Advantages of this approach:

  1. Increase adoption of wave dashboards.
  2. Ability to get quick insights on performance and KPIs with out switching to another view.

SFDC Documentation link

Adding to Visualforce page

Create a VF Page the wave dashboard tag


<apex:page standardController=”Opportunity” sidebar=”false”>

<wave:dashboard dashboardId=”0FKB00000000W4mOAE”  //Record Id of the Dashboard
openLinksInNewWindow=”false”  />




SFDC Documentation link

Use cases:

  1. Embedding wave dashboards in VF page has lot of applications. e.g build functional workflows that make the dashboards user driven.
  2. Custom security. VF page can drive the filters that will be preset when the wave dashboard load.

Demo Video

Any questions or need implementation assistance, please reach out to info@springml.com