SAQL step is the new values table.

For those that migrated from legacy dashboards to new designer would have faced the scrolling issue of values table. In the new wave designer values table does not allow scrolling. In order to fix the issue we need to update the values table to new Step called saql step (More details here)

saql Step allows to specify query and most importantly have attributes to specify number and string variables. Lets take a look at a sample below.

“saql_step: {
                “groups”: [],
                “isFacet”: true,
                “label”: “tableview”,
                “query”: “q = load \”sample_dataset\”;q = foreach q generate ‘name’ as ‘name’, sum(amount) as ‘amount’;”,
                “numbers“: [ //This attribute specifies the measure projections in the saql step
                “strings“: [ //This attribute specifies the dimension projections in the saql step
                “type”: “saql”,
                “useGlobal”: true,
                “selectMode”: “single”