SpringML Delivers New Predictive Analytics App for Sales

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SpringML Lighthouse for Sales harnesses the power of Wave Analytics, enabling sales teams  to instantly access real-time insights they can use to make faster, better decisions

Pleasanton – September 1, 2016 – SpringML today delivered Lighthouse for Sales, an app powered by Salesforce Wave Analytics, allowing business users to access predictive sales analytics that give sales leaders and reps the insights they need to improve forecasting, prioritize deals, and set action plans to meet quotas and growth targets from any device. SpringML’s Lighthouse marries the art of sales with the science of machine learning so sales teams can make better decisions and move faster.

SpringML Lighthouse for Sales is now available on the AppExchange using this link or by searching “SpringML”.

Sales teams that want to succeed in today’s fast paced, digital world know they must become more data-driven. Sales leaders are rewarded for predictability and growth. Managers are judged by how well they coach and drive their teams. Reps win by prioritizing the right opportunities. Analytics can boost performance in each of these cases, but too often the data these individuals need is trapped in systems they can’t access or in reports they can’t interpret. Leveraging the power of Wave Analytics, SpringML Lighthouse for Sales solves this by providing sales teams with insights that are accessible, reliable, and most importantly, actionable.

SpringML’s newest predictive analytics application supports sales teams in four areas:

Sales Forecasting – Machine learning models combine historical data to gauge trend and seasonality, as well as current sales pipeline to simplify and automate a traditionally labor intensive and error prone process. Because these models run continuously in the background, they present a more reliable monthly or quarterly forecast of an organization’s sales metrics.  

Win Likelihood – This looks at more than 300 signals to predict the likelihood of winning an opportunity, assigning each opportunity in the pipeline a confidence score of 0 (unlikely to win) to 100 (most likely to win). This gives managers visibility into at-risk opportunities so they can prioritize deals and proactively coach their teams.

Pipeline Changes – This advanced report provides a detailed view of opportunity changes happening within a quarter, allowing reps and their managers to discuss weekly activities and set actions to move opportunities along even faster to meet their quota.

Pipeline Flow – This advanced report allows users to compare pipeline snapshots from different dates, enabling sales management and operations to understand what happened in past pipelines, where they need to build pipeline, and in what stages deals get stuck.

Salesforce Wave Analytics apps like SpringML Lighthouse make it easier than ever for anyone to explore data, uncover new insights and take action from any device. Because Lighthouse is built on the Salesforce platform, customers also benefit from faster transaction times, enterprise-strength security standards, less maintenance, and trusted UIs that lower the learning curve for users.

Comments on the News

“SpringML is all about empowering the ‘doers’ in organizations to make smarter business decisions by giving them data they can trust and take action on immediately. Our predictive models have been tested and fine tuned over the last year to ensure customers get the performance and reliability they need to move fast and get ahead.”– Charles Landry, CEO, SpringML

“As a public company that develops and markets advanced surgical photonics devices, precision and efficiency is important to us – even when it comes to internal processes like forecasting. We believe SpringML’s predictive application will help us make more informed decisions to ensure we meet growth objectives and make life easier for our entire sales organization.”– Bob Gerberich, Vice President of Sales at Invuity Inc. (IVTY)

“Wave Analytics is seeing rapid global adoption as companies everywhere are demanding mobile, actionable data discovery and analytics that are embedded in every business process and allow employees to be smarter about their customers. We are excited to extend the power of Wave apps to even more departments and industries with our innovative portfolio of ISV Wave apps now live in the AppExchange.” – Ketan Karkhanis, SVP Product Management, Analytics Cloud, Salesforce

Salesforce Wave Analytics Apps Open Up Insights From Every Data Source

Now Anyone Can Build and Deploy Analytics for Any Business Need

With Wave apps employees across every function and industry can uncover insight and take instant action from any device. First, Wave apps were designed to connect to any external data source, enabling users to bring together and explore all relevant KPIs and business measures from a single custom dashboard. Next, Wave apps deliver insights directly into business workflows by enabling companies to embed dashboards anywhere within Salesforce, and by empowering business users to take Salesforce-specific actions directly from within the charts themselves. And finally, Wave apps brings together a dynamic user experience, indexed search and a powerful computing engine in a powerful mobile-first design. Whether a business user wants to get answers, drill into a discovery, share or collaborate their findings or take a data-driven action, she can do it from anywhere, on any device, with the Wave apps.

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SpringML (www.SpringML.com) provides predictive and advanced analytics products and services that apply machine learning to today’s most pressing business problems so customers get insights they can trust to drive business growth. Whether you’re a Chief Revenue Officer looking for more predictable growth, a sales or service lead who needs to reduce customer churn, or an individual sales rep who needs to focus on the right deals, SpringML can help you quickly get answers you can act on to perform better and win.

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